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Consultancy Services

Gexcon has built up unique expertise in the field of safety and risk management by conducting safety research for decades. We have invested over 50 million US Dollars in research dedicated to improving safety.

Our Consultancy teams will help you identify all your hazards, understand your risks and contribute to improving your company’s safety performance. Our experienced consultants can advise you on all aspects of safety and risk management. The diverse background of our team assures that Gexcon Consultancy Services are able to advise you on all aspects of safety and risk throughout all your facilities, no matter how complex they might be.

Gexcon Consultancy Services believes in a tailor-made and individual approach for each client. Together with our clients we look for the optimal process to identify their needs and the best way to improve their safety performance. We always strive to reach the most efficient solutions that optimises your safety performance, protects your assets and maintains the productivity of your business.


Gexcon Consultancy teams apply accepted methods and tools in line with all national and international standards and codes. We work across all industrial sectors, such as Oil and Gas (both on- and offshore); (Petro)Chemical; Pharmaceutical; Food; Metallurgical; Automotive; Biomass and Power Generation including the Nuclear Industry.