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Gexcon AS
Fantoftvegen 38
NO-5072 Bergen, Norway

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Gexcon AS
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Organisation Contact List

Gexcon consists of 70 engineers with a combined work experience in the field of gas and dust explosions of more than 400 years. We respond in an efficient, timely manner to all questions and inquiries.

Mr. Sturle H. Pedersen

Tel: +47 952 47 061     
Email:   Send Message     


Senior Vice-President
Dr. Kees van Wingerden

Tel: +47 474 53 367     
E-mail:   Send Message  


International Sales and Business Director
Mr. Erik Aadland
Tel: +47 992 75 880     
E-mail:   Send Message  


Commercial Director, Gexcon Consulting
Mr. Johan C. Haveland

Tel: +47 930 30 090     
E-mail:   Send Message  


Gexcon Laboratories
Mr. Brian Wilkins

Tel: +47 920 65 535    
E-mail:   Send Message  


Gexcon Training and Courses
Dr. Prankul Middha

Tel: +47 488 96 110   
E-mail:   Send Message 


Gexcon R&D
Mr. Trygve Skjold

Tel: +47 488 67 968    
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