FLACS-Frequency: Calling for Beta-Testers

FLACS-Frequency: Calling for Beta-Testers
Gexcon is excited to announce our new web-based risk assessment tool FLACS-Frequency, and we invite you to test it.

Gexcon is excited to announce our new tool FLACS-Frequency, and we invite you to test it.

FLACS-Frequency calculates leak frequency/release frequency for equipment (flanges, valves, instruments, storage tanks, etc.) at onshore and offshore process facilities. Release frequency can be calculated using a range of industry-standard models and databases, including models based on UK HSE HCRD (Health and Safety Executive Hydrocarbon Release Database) and Norway RNNP (Risikonivå i norsk petroleumsvirksomhet/ Trends in Risk Level Norwegian Petroleum Activity) databases.

FLACS-Frequency makes release frequency easy. Enter your process system and equipment data, choose a release frequency model, and your results are immediately available. A 3D model of your process system can also be accommodated and used to highlight high-risk areas visually. Results are visualized as tables, 2D charts, and in the 3D model.

FLACS-Frequency is a web-based tool that lets your team seamlessly collaborate on entering data, setting up analyses, and sharing results. It is ready to be deployed on your local server or cloud solution. Your data stays on your internal systems and is not shared with Gexcon.

We are now looking for adventurous users who want to help us test a FLACS-Frequency beta version.

What to expect in the beta test:

  • You will receive a copy of FLACS-Frequency
  • The software is free to use throughout a four-week test period
  • You will obtain full support throughout the test
  • You can leave the test at any time
  • Note that the software might be unstable as some features are still in active development
  • During the test, we will keep in contact to learn about your experiences

Why contribute to a beta test:

  • Get a special discount on the public version once it is ready
  • Learn something new by engaging with a new product and technology
  • Make an impact by providing feedback that contributes to the development

We only have a limited number of slots, so let us know as soon as possible if you are interested.

If you and your company are interested in joining the FLACS-Frequency beta test, contact us at frequency@gexcon.com. Please include your name, position and company affiliation. Any other questions related to FLACS-Frequency can be directed to the same address.

You can also download the FLACS-Frequency brochure for more information.

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