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FLACS-CFD is a key component of the innovative risk management toolbox which Risktec uses to support projects in high hazard industries. As long-standing users, our CFD engineers have developed a collaborative relationship with the FLACS technical team to share knowledge, expertise, and support. FLACS-CFD helps us to provide a comprehensive service for identifying, assessing and managing risks to safety and businesses.”

Dr. Jamie Thompson, Principal Consultant, Risktec Solutions Ltd.

We appreciate so much your hospitality and professionalism at the Dust Explosion Hazards course.”

David McEwan, Combustible Dust Applications Manager – SEA/ Australia, Nederman MikroPul.

I have never imagined in my life time that I would be able to perform the type of work that involves removing steel on an Off-shore producing platform without throwing any sparks. These tools have allowed us to take construction to a new era in Safety.

Charles Munoz, GIS Project management Group –Gulf of Mexico, MAD DOG Offshore Platform – BP.

Our offshore and onshore facilities have to be built and planned according to the highest explosion safety standards. They represent values that cannot be lost. We also operate in areas where release of toxic gases can be a problem. Total Petrochemical simulatesl these events with FLACS. We have had gas leaks and recreated the same events with FLACS. We need accurate tools when we do our planning, and do not know any better tool than FLACS.”

Henri Tonda, Safety Expert, Total Petrochemicals.

ATEX certification was vital in opening up the offshore market to Pinovo. We are currently the only company with ATEX certification for this type of equipment, and Gexcon has been instrumental in making this happen.”

Knut Kjeilen, VP HR and QA, Pinovo.

If we did not do our testing with the experts at Gexcon, especially Geir H. Pedersen, we would not be where we are today.

Reidar Olsen, Safety Tools Allmet, CEO.

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