FLACS-CFD 20 coming soon

Gexcon is set to launch a major update to its flagship consequence modelling software later this year to offer users greater flexibility, digitalisation and integration capabilities.

FLACS-CFD 20 will replace FLACS 10.9 from this autumn and represents a significant software upgrade, building on more than 40 years of industrial safety modelling and validation.

The industry leading software simulates the dispersion of hazardous materials, fire and explosions and has been re-written from the ground up to meet the needs of a digital first world.

New key features and benefits include:

Wider field of application

Models flammable and toxic release scenarios for 2,000 chemical components based on the DIPPR database.

Improved 3D visualisations

Improved aesthetics and functionality of geometry modelling and now more than 10 CAD import formats.

Quicker results

Simulations are now up to 20 times faster using the new steady-state solver and porosity calculator.

Chris Coffey, FLACS-CFD Product Manager, said: “We are delighted to confirm that FLACS-CFD 20 is coming soon and we look forward to launching the major update this autumn. 

“FLACS-CFD is Gexcon’s flagship consequence modelling software and is highly regarded among engineers working in complex industrial environments.

“The new edition has been rewritten from the ground up to offer better integration and digitalisation capabilities, improved workflows and greater flexibility.

“We also took the decision to rename the software to FLACS-CFD 20 in line with the year date and to offer greater clarity to our customers and users.”

FLACS-CFD 20 features a series of standard modules and additional modules designed to meet specific requirements.

The standard modules include high performance graphical user interfaces for setting up scenarios (CASD) and post-processing the results (FLOWVIS) which makes FLACS-CFD significantly faster than other similar tools.

FLACS-GasEx and FLACS-Dispersion form the core of FLACS-CFD and are used extensively to understand the consequences of an explosion in complex and large scale industrial environments. They allow the user to model the release

and dispersion of a gas/vapour and model an explosion to support risk assessment and design processes.

Additional modules include FLACS-Hydrogen, FLACS-DustEx

FLACS-Fire, FLACS-Blast and FLACS-Risk.

Download the FLACS-CFD 20 brochure for more information.


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New Paper shows CAM Model in Shell FRED performs well in predicting DDT

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Gexcon to open new branch office in Sweden

Gexcon to open new branch office in Sweden

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