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The “Coloured Books” are used around the world as valuable standard reference material in safety studies. They were used as the basis for the software programs EFFECTS and RISKCURVES and still are the reference for most of the models in this software. The studies were initiated by the Dutch Government in the 1990’s.

Although the corresponding software EFFECTS and RISKCURVES is continuously being improved and extended, the books are not kept up-to-date anymore.

The following books are freely available in electronic form as PDF-files:


Methods for the calculation of Physical Effects Due to releases of hazardous materials (liquids and gases) – Third edition Second revised print 2005


Methods for the determination of possible damage to people and objects resulting from releases of hazardous materials – First edition 1992


Guidelines for quantitative risk assessment – First edition 1999/2005


Methods for determining and processing probabilities – Second edition 1997/2005

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