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Did you know that our consequence modelling software EFFECTS has a dedicated model to calculate the plume rise phenomenon due to warehouse or pool fires?


BlogPost - 250620 - EFFECTS Plume Rise Model


This model not only simulates the rising behavior of the hot smoke plume but also the effect of the penetration of the smoke plume through the temperature inversion layer or the reflection against it. The consideration of this phenomenon is highly relevant. That is because if the smoke plume does not have enough momentum to penetrate the mixing layer, the smoke plume may experience the so-called reflection phenomena which will trap the smoke plume below the mixing layer.

This could have very dangerous consequences for individuals who then might be exposed to harmful combustion products at ground level.

Please send us an email to effects@gexcon.com should you have further questions about the plume rise model in EFFECTS. You can also visit the EFFECTS landing page for more information about the software.

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If you want to know more about the plume rise model implemented in EFFECTS, you can buy or access (via your institutional login) the publication written by Sonia Ruiz Perez and Hans Boot at ScienceDirect. Click the button below to visit the page.

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