FLACS I Course (Online)

This course is the online version of FLACS I Course. It covers the standard modules in FLACS, such as geometry import and generation, gas dispersion, explosion, and fire, as well as liquid pool spread. It also comprises presentations on validations, explosion mitigation, QA, and probabilistic risk analysis (Including a FLACS-Risk demonstration). This course combines theory, demonstrations, and practical exercises with FLACS software. Therefore, students will be required to practice and apply their new knowledge of the software through hands-on exercises. About half the time will consist of presentations and the rest will include hands-on work with FLACS.


The attendees will gain an understanding of the following topics:

  • Physical models, applications areas and functionality of FLACS
  • FLACS workflow: Preprocessing, processing, and postprocessing
  • Guidelines for setting up FLACS simulations
  • Quality assurance of FLACS scenarios and results
  • Proficiency in using FLACS for standard applications in their projects


The course is aimed for people who plan to carry out consequence modelling with FLACS or interact closely together with FLACS users, for example:

  • Process and safety engineers working in industries such as oil and gas (upstream, midstream and downstream), chemical, renewable energy, mining, nuclear, food manufacturing, homeland security, automotive, etc.
  • Consultants in risk engineering consultancy companies
  • Engineering managers overseeing safety and risk analysis
  • Regulatory body professionals
  • Structural engineers
  • Academics, researchers, and students
  • CAD operators developing FLACS geometries


The attendance of this course is mandatory for FLACS users.


This course is suitable for completely new users of FLACS as well as users who would like to refresh their knowledge. In general, no special prerequisites are required, but any prior knowledge in safety consequence modelling, CFD models or 3D modelling will in general be helpful.


In addition to the professional skills development of the company staff and the enhanced competency of performing 3D consequence modeling studies, the organization will have the capability to utilize the industry-standard tool FLACS to complement related safety studies, including:

  • Process hazard analysis (HAZID, HAZOP, etc.)
  • Risk management (QRA, hazardous area classification, etc.)
  • Regulatory compliance (ATEX/ DSEAR, LPG Compliance Audits, etc.)
  • Accident and incident investigation


Participants will be able to use FLACS for process safety-related projects, and will acquire the following skills:

  • Proficiency in performing FLACS simulations for various process safety-related studies
  • Provide safety recommendations for design and operations
  • Make informed decisions about risk planning and mitigation


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