Hazardous Area Classification

Training Period: 1 Day

Hazardous area classification is an important first step towards reducing the likelihood of ignition of clouds of flammable gas, vapour, and/ or dust. Mechanical and electrical equipment used inside a classified area shall be approved for use in that area. The classification concerns areas both inside and outside process equipment and is closely related to release and dispersion phenomena. Ventilation plays an important role in preventing flammable atmospheres and therefore the classification process.


Join our safety experts to learn about how to determine the extent of classified areas, their classification depending on the leak size, and their frequency of occurrence.



You will learn how to perform hazardous area classifications for flammable gases, liquids, and dust depending on their way of storage/ handling, physical properties, and ventilation conditions. You will also learn both various standardized ways of classification and more advanced methods. Moreover, the choice of equipment for the various classified areas will be addressed.



Professionals who are concerned with the risks and vulnerabilities associated with the potential release of flammable gases, liquids and dust.

  • Process safety engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Chemical engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Safety consultants
  • Process engineers/ scientists
  • Oil and Gas HSE engineers



In general, no special prerequisites are required. However, knowledge in process safety and experience in plant operation will be helpful.




Due to the current travel restrictions worldwide, present Hazardous Area Classification training has been suspended until further notice. Currently, Hazardous Area Classification training is provided online and on-demand. Please contact info@gexcon.com for more details.

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