blog - gexcon strengthens position in irish market

Gexcon Strengthens Position in Irish Market

Due to the continued success of Gexcon within the field of Process Safety & Risk Management, and to support our continued growth, we are pleased to announce that Senior Engineer Angela McCann will be Gexcon’s permanent representative in Ireland covering both Northern and Southern territories.

Based in Belfast, Angela will provide all the core risk and safety management services currently provided by Gexcon including Process Hazard Analysis, Risk Management, Consequence Modelling as well as the delivery of Process Safety Management related courses to a range of high-hazard industries.

Angela joined Gexcon UK in 2018 as Project Engineer and quickly progressed to Senior Engineer in 2019 where she has since led several projects across a range of industries including Energy, Oil and Gas, Chemical and Manufacturing. 

During this time, she has delivered various consultancy services including DSEAR / ATEX Assessments, consequence modelling and advanced risk assessment such as QRAs and occupied building risk assessment (OBRA), as well as supporting COMAH / Seveso facilities and general process safety management support. As part of these studies, she has utilised a variety of tools including Gexcon-Shell FRED / Shepherd and FLACS-CFD / DustEx.

When asked what challenges industries are currently facing within Ireland and the UK, Angela explains

“There are 2 key topics that I think are at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the minute – COVID and Brexit, both of which have changed the way we work. These new challenges have caused concern for many businesses in terms of the economic and logistical impact, whilst ensuring facilities remain safe for employees and the general public. Being from Belfast, I’m keen to bring my local knowledge combined with the support of the fantastic team of engineers based in our UK office, to support clients with process safety management at their facilities.”  

Before joining Gexcon, Angela started her career working for companies including DNV GL and Baker Risk where she developed her experience in identification and assessment of potential high hazard scenarios, providing advice on risk management techniques and supporting clients in reducing risk by performing various quantitative mitigation analysis.

To discuss your requirements and to find further information on how Gexcon can support your process safety requirements contact us today!
Angela McCann- Senior Engineer
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