FLACS-CFD Foundation Certification Exam

Certification for the level FLACS Foundations is awarded by passing the FLACS Foundations Exam. The exam tests both knowledge of how to operate FLACS (functionality) and how to apply FLACS on real problems (best practice). The latter part requires a basic understanding of the phenomena modelled in FLACS and an understanding of the modelling range and limitations. The user should show knowledge about best practices for the main applications of FLACS and should be able to set up a correctly defined scenario including verification and recognize mistakes and deviations from best practice (basic QA).


The exam is based on the FLACS I training and consists of 44 questions that cover five topics:

  • Phenomena/models (10%)
  • Scenario definition (60%)
  • Geometry (10%)
  • Running (10%)
  • Post-processing (10%)



Anyone who would like/ need to use FLACS as a tool in their daily work.



To attain the certification for FLACS Foundations, you must demonstrate that you:

  • understand the basic mechanisms of gas dispersion and explosions and fire;
  • can use FLACS for setting up, running and extracting results for a basic range of typical gas dispersion and gas explosion and fire scenarios;
  • know and understand FLACS user guidelines and best practice for defining the different scenarios;
  • can perform basic QA of scenarios and output to ensure accurate and realistic results;
  • know about common mistakes and issues and how to solve and avoid these; and
  • are able to model and understand the effects of different mitigation measures (pressure relief panels, water deluge, etc.).



Q: Am I qualified to take the exam?

A: You are qualified to take the exam if you have completed the mandatory FLACS training or review.


Q: What does the certification cost? 

A: There is no exam fee if you take the exam within three months of completing your FLACS training or review. After this, the exam fee is 250 Euros. Re-certification is always free of charge.


Q: How many questions are there?

A: The exam has 44 questions. All questions are multiple-choice.


Q: What score is needed to pass?

A: Certification is awarded to participants with a score above 70%.


Q: Is there a time limit for the exam?

A: There is a time limit of 90 minutes to complete the exam.


Q: Can I redo the exam?

A: You can attempt the exam two times.


Q: Can I use any resources during the exam?

A: The exam is open book and you can use resources such as FLACS software, user manual, and training material.


Q: How do I get my certificate?

A: On passing the exam, your name will be added to an online list of certified FLACS users and an e-certificate will be issued to you.


Q: How long is the certification valid?

A: The certificate is valid for two years from the date of attainment.


Q: What if I fail?

A: You can take the exam two times. Should you not pass the exam, we recommend that you attend the next possible FLACS I training course to revisit and refresh your FLACS skills.



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