How to build an assembly

An assembly is a group of instances of objects in a geometry. In a complicated geometry, assemblies are very useful for organizing the numerous objects in disciplines, zones etc. All geometries have at least one assembly, called the top assembly.

If you are not familiar with geometry databases please read the article on Working with a geometry database.

Add an Assembly

To add an assembly, you need to be connected to a geometry database.
An assembly is added from the Geometry menu in CASD.

Add an Assembly from the Geometry menu in CASD

When you click on Assembly, a window opens where you can enter the new assembly’s name. The placement of the newly created assembly in the geometry structure will depend on the highlighted entry before creating the assembly:

  • If a project or geometry entry are selected (highlighted in the picture below for clarity), then the new assembly is placed under the currently open geometry at the same level as the previous assemblies.
Placement of a new assembly in Geometry Database Window when a project or geometry is selected
  • If, however, an assembly is selected, then the new assembly will be placed inside the assembly.
Placement of a new ssembly in Geometry Database Window when an assembly is selected

After adding an assembly, you can rename it in the geometry database window. You can also move instances from one assembly to another by selecting, dragging and dropping the instances.

Move instance from one Assembly to another
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Gexcon Announces New CEO

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Longship Fund II Acquires Gexcon AS

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