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How to find help (+ the FLACS-CFD User’s Manual)

When you need assistance on how to use some settings or understand some parameters in FLACS, you can find help in the FLACS-CFD User’s Manual or in the Online Help. Where to find the FLACS User’s Manual The FLACS=CFD User’s Manual is available online as a hyperlinked HTML document and as a downloadable PDF file. Context help You can also access the FLACS-CFD User’s manual from the RunManager,…

How do I know which version I am using

Every FLACS-CFD release is denoted by a version number and a release number, for example v10.4r2 for version 10.4, release 2. This article describes two methods on how to find the exact version of FLACS-CFD you are using. Version and release number in About FLACS In the FLACS RunManager, CASD or Flowvis, select Help and choose the About FLACS RunManager/ CASD/ Flowvis (depending on which program you are…

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