Gexcon offers a wide variety of safety software to help you with your safety issues. These include consequence modelling tools, quantitative risk analysis (QRA) tools and a pre-incident planning tool.


Explosion & Dispersion Modelling Software. Our powerful industry-leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software simulates the dispersion of hazardous materials, fire and explosion with results that you can trust.


A Web-Based Tool for Release Frequency Assessment. Accidental release of a flammable or toxic fluid is a key risk driver at many process facilities.

FLACS Effects Software


A loss-of-containment scenario in the (petro)chemical industry can be devastating, for both property and human life. EFFECTS is easy-to-use, affordable software that helps safety professionals calculate and analyse the effects of these scenarios and develop the right prevention or containment protocols.

Risk Curves Software


Comprehensive quantitative risk analysis. The storage and transport of hazardous materials impose risks to the surrounding population and structures.

Shell FRED

FRED (Fire, Release, Explosion and Dispersion) is Shell’s consequence modelling tool, available exclusively through Gexcon.

Shell Shepherd

Shepherd is Shell’s quantitative risk analysis (QRA) tool, available exclusively through Gexcon.

Shell PIPA Software

Shell PIPA

PIPA is Shell’s Pre-Incident Planning tool, available exclusively through Gexcon.

Coloured Books

The “Coloured Books” are used around the world as valuable standard reference material in safety studies.

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