FLACS Frequency Software
A Gexcon X Suite Product

A Web-Based Tool for Release Frequency Assessment

Accidental release of a flammable or toxic fluid is a key risk driver at many process facilities. FLACS-Frequency provides insight into how often and where such releases are likely to occur. FLACS-Frequency combines information on your process facility with historical data on equipment failure to produce detailed leak/release frequency estimates and calculates release frequency for equipment (flanges, valves, instruments, storage tanks, etc.) at both onshore and offshore process facilities.

FLACS-Frequency is a user-friendly web-based tool that lets your team seamlessly collaborate on entering data, setting up analyses, and share results. FLACS-Frequency is ready to be deployed on your local server or cloud solution, where your data will stay on your internal systems and is not shared with Gexcon.

No prior knowledge of release frequency calculation is necessary, and the required input can be retrieved from your facility operations data.


Key Benefits of FLACS-Frequency

FLACS-Frequency makes release frequency easy. Simply enter your process system and equipment data, choose a release frequency model, and your results are immediately available. A 3D model of your process system can also be accommodated and used to visually highlight high-risk areas.

Results are visualized as tables, 2D charts, and in the 3D model. Release frequency estimates are based on the frequency model of your choice. Industry-standard models based on UK HSE HCRD (UK Health and Safety Executive Hydrocarbon Release Database) and Norway RNNP (Risikonivå i norsk petroleumsvirsomhet/Trends in Risk Level Norwegian Petroleum Activity) databases are provided in the tool, and an option for user-defined models is available.


3D Geometry model visualized in FLACS-Frequency
Graph results visualization in FLACS-Frequency


Key features of FLACS-Frequency:

  • An intuitive way to enter, store and access relevant process and equipment data.
  • Option to define and use your own equipment types.
  • Release frequency calculation based on industry-standard release frequency models.
  • Option to define and use your own release frequency models.
  • Option to accommodate a 3D geometry model of your facility to visualize high-risk areas.
  • No 3D geometry model available? No problem. A 3D layout of your facility can be drawn in the tool.
  • Visualize results in tables, 2D charts and in the 3D model.
  • Organize your work into projects and cases.
  • Let’s you quickly set up and run sensitivity cases for changes at your facility.
  • Allows multiple users to simultaneously access and collaborate on projects.
  • Allows for central software management and data storage.

FLACS-Frequency is a web-based tool which is installed in a secure AWS cloud solution. Both Windows and Linux operating systems are supported

FLACS-Frequency is accessed via your web browser, and has been tested on recent versions of Google Chrome (v80.0) and Mozilla Firefox (v74.0).

FLACS-Frequency, a risk assessment tool from Gexcon.


FLACS-Frequency is a user-friendly web-based tool that estimates and calculates the frequency of accidental releases at both onshore and offshore process facilities.  

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