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Shell PIPA is Shell’s Pre-Incident Planning tool, available exclusively through Gexcon.


PIPA is Shell’s Pre-Incident Planning tool, available exclusively through Gexcon.

Shell PIPA quickly and easily provides fire chiefs, response teams, and plant operators with hazard consequence assessment information, to assist them in the development of emergency response plans and the specification of fire protection requirements.

Shell PIPA can be used for the development of effective emergency plans for any proposed design and to highlight aspects that may need modification. It has the ability to output full emergency response plans including hazards, protection requirements, and justifications.




Uses and Applications

PIPA can be used for:

  • Assists in the development of emergency response plans 
  • Cost-effective screening of plant design options, comparing concepts and assessing modifications 
  • Quickly reviews and sets separation distances between plant, equipment, workers and members of the public  
  • Rapid identification of the most serious potential consequences 
  • Specifies fire protection requirements


Key Benefits

  • Gives easy access to Shell’s state-of-the-art consequence modelling suite
  • Provides fast, reliable and exact prediction of the consequences of potential releases and fires
  • Assists in rapid development of appropriate emergency response plans
  • Enables cost-effective plant design e.g. fire protection measures
  • Enables fire chiefs to quickly run ‘what if’ weather variations on pre-programmed scenarios at real incidents.



To enhance your understanding of and improve your competence in using Shell PIPA, Gexcon offers training courses to suit your individual needs.

For detailed information about the training, please send us an email to or fill in the enquiry form below.


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