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Shell Shepherd Software
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Gexcon is an exclusive licensing partner of Shell


Shell Shepherd is Shell’s quantitative risk analysis (QRA) tool, available exclusively through Gexcon.


Shell Shepherd, a comprehensive Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) tool from Shell and Gexcon.

Shell Shepherd is a risk management software tool, tailored to perform risk analysis for onshore facilities and operations. It allows fast and reliable prediction of the risk related to incidents such as releases of flammable or toxic fluid, fires, and explosions.

Shell Shepherd has been continuously developed and validated by Shell since the 1990s and has been extensively used by oil, gas, and petrochemical operating companies, engineering contractors, insurers, and regulators throughout the world.





Uses and Applications

Shell Shepherd can be used for:

  • Quantitative risk analysis (QRA)
  • Facility layout optimization
  • Explosion Exceedance Screening
  • Domino effects/escalation management studies


Key Benefits

  • Provides users with an at-a-glance overview of the risk picture for the facility, activity or project
  • Allows users to reflect actual site-specific operational practices, rather than generic ones
  • Provides quick sensitivity analysis for layout options
  • Allows users to easily document and record their design options and risk based decision making, providing transparent tracking of the decision making process throughout the life-cycle of the facility
  • Allows operating companies to maintain control of risk analyses performed by consultants and engineering contractors, through ownership of the risk management software tool that was used



To enhance your understanding of and improve your competence in using Shell Shepherd, Gexcon offers training courses to suit your individual needs.

For detailed information about the training please follow the links below to find out more.

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