Key Strategic Areas

Gexcon believes that sustainable growth is the only way to create long-term value for all our stakeholders, which includes our employees, partners and clients. This has given us a strong foundation to perform more research projects and case studies in renewable energy, such as hydrogen, biomass, and biofuel. We are eager to contribute to the world’s effort in the reduction of CO2 emission. These efforts are followed by the development of our consequence modeling tools, to further assist both our clients and employees in performing various studies in process safety.

Gexcon has today a global footprint and will over time expand into new countries and regions where we see opportunities to deliver our products and services, and together with our customers and partners create a sustainable business. This is particularly related to our specialist services where we can utilize our global footprint and capabilities to support local growth and ensure experience transfer to our partners. Furthermore, the distribution, sales and customer training of our world-leading software portfolio will be accelerated by the Gexcon entities and offices in cooperation with our partners.

Gexcon is working closely with governments to establish and improve safety regulations, standards and practise. We are working with academic institutions in their education and to increase the knowledge of the physical phenomena and safe practises with a variety of businesses to reduce their operational risk and improve the safety of their employees and facilities.

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Gexcon Makes The World a Safer Place