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Gexcon is a world-leading company in the field of safety and risk management and advanced dispersion, explosion and fire modelling.

Our experience arises from detailed knowledge of explosion phenomena built up through years of extensive research projects, carrying out safety assessments, performing accident investigations and conducting physical testing at the company’s facilities.

Headquartered in Bergen, Norway, Gexcon has offices in Australia (Perth), China (Shanghai), France (Paris), India (Pune and Mumbai), Indonesia (Jakarta), the Netherlands (Utrecht), Sweden (Borås), the UAE (Dubai), the UK (Manchester) and USA (Houston, Bethesda, and Boston).

Our team of experienced engineers and specialists can assist in identifying hazards, understanding risks and contribute to improving your company’s overall safety performance. We believe in a tailor-made and individual approach for each client, and by working together, we will find the most optimal process to identify the company’s needs to manage your most critical risks.

Due to our commitment and passion within process safety and risk management, our position within this field has grown. Today we are considered to be one of the global leaders and preferred partners to a multitude of industries including food, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical, green energy solutions and oil and gas. We are proud of our contribution to making the world a safer place.

For the last 40 years, Gexcon has been involved in the investigation of many high-profile accidents such as Buncefield, Piper Alpha, TWA 800, and the P-36 platform (Brazil). Leaders in the oil and gas industry and safety engineers at major hazard facilities have consistently sought the services of Gexcon to provide them with our expertise to manage the risks of fire and explosions from flammable substances.

Gexcon develops, maintains and uses the industry-standard software for modelling gas explosions, FLACS®, along with the industry-standard tool for modelling dust explosions, FLACS-DustEx. Our FLACS Consulting Group represents one of the largest and most experienced group of individuals to provide the customer with assistance to make use of the information which FLACS modelling can provide, adding significant value to the service we deliver.

Gexcon is a proud contributor to the 17 UN sustainable development goals which aims to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

UN Sustainable Goals

Our Activities, Mission, Values & Strategic Goals enable us to contribute to the following UN global goals


4 – We provide high quality training and corporate with Universities all over the globe.

5 – Our Corporate Policy stands for gender equality and work to increase the number of women in our global organisation.

7 – We work to develop safe and clean energy solutions to the world.

8 – We are dedicated to transfer new technology, expertise and know-how to support growth and safe work environment.

9 – We strive to bring new innovative products & solutions to the industry.

17 – We work together with strategic partners around the world to achieve our mission and to contribute to achieve sustainable growth.

Wheel Sustainable Goals

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to make the world a safer place. We work hard to be the preferred partner in dispersion, fire, and explosion safety as well as risk management to make this vision come true.

Our Values


We build trust between employees, partners, customers , and authorities.



We share our knowledge and expertise.



We are attentive to support our customers and able to act quickly.


  1. 1969

    Phillips Petroleum discovers oil in Norway.

  2. 1970

    Dust explosion laboratory established at CMI (Christian Michelsen Institute) as a response to several explosion accidents.

  3. 1974

    Flixborough explosion onshore in the UK happened.

  4. 1977

    Ekofisk Bravo blowout occurred.

  5. 1980

    Gas Explosion Programme 1980-1986: Joint Industry Project research project with 6 sponsors on gas explosion hazards, main results were experimental 

  6. 1987

    Gexcon established as a brand name for consulting 

  7. 1987

    Gas Explosion Programme 1987-1989: 3 sponsors, main result FLACS-89 and experimental results.

  8. 1988

    Piper Alpha accident occurred in the UK: Gexcon involved in subsequent inquiry as explosion specialist.

  9. 1990

    Gas Safety Programme 1990-1992: Joint Industry Project with 11 sponsors, main results were FLACS-93, Gas Explosion Handbook, µ-FLACS, and experimental 

  10. 1993

    Gas Safety Programme 1993-1996: Joint Industry Project with 10 sponsors, main results were FLACS-94, FLACS-95 and FLACS-96, and various experimental results.

  11. 1995

    Large scale explosion and fire tests performed at Spadeadam, UK. The goal of this tests was to test the consequence of large-scale explosion and fire such as Piper Alpha.

  12. 1997

    Gas Safety Programme 1997-1999: Joint Industry Project with 10 sponsors, main results were FLACS-97, FLACS-98 and FLACS-99, and various experimental results.

  13. 1998

    Gexcon AS established to sell FLACS (commercially available) and FLACS consultancy services.

  14. 1999

    ISO 13702 standard sets requirements for explosion tools used on offshore platforms.

  15. 2000

    CMR Explosion R&D department merges with Gexcon.

  16. 2001

    Norsok Z-013 guidelines for CFD-based probabilistic 

  17. 2005

    Buncefield explosion in the UK occurred.

  18. 2005

    Texas City Explosion in the USA occurred.

  19. 2007

    Gexcon UK established.

  20. 2009

    Gexcon US established.

  21. 2010

    Macondo explosion and blowout in the Gulf of Mexico 

  22. 2010

    ISO 19901:3 standard requires worst-case or probabilistic studies offshore.

  23. 2010

    Gexcon Australia established.

  24. 2011

    FLACS first CFD software accepted by US DOT for LNG studies according to NFPA 59A.

  25. 2012

    Gexcon Indonesia established.

  26. 2014

    Gexcon China established.

  27. 2014

    Gexcon India established.

  28. 2017

    Gexcon and Shell join forces to bring Shell’s hazard and risk software (FRED, Shepherd, and PIPA) to the market.

  29. 2018

    Gexcon and TNO join forces to bring TNO’s safety software (Effects and RiskCurves) to the market.

  30. 2020

    FLACS-Frequency Release.

  31. 2020

    Gexcon in Sweden established

  32. 2020

    Gexcon in Russia established

  33. 2020

    Gexcon US established another branch office in Boston

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