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One of our core objectives is to improve the knowledge of others to ensure that lessons are learned. Gexcon provides training across all levels to raise the competence of your staff from basic awareness training through to in-depth courses.  Our bespoke in-house training covers a broad range of industrial hazards and is tailor-made for your specific needs to ensure the content is relevant and recognisable to your workforce.

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Tailor-Made Training

The User Directive and national legislation require employers to provide training in explosion protection to employees working in places where explosive atmospheres may occur.

Gexcon’s in-house training courses are tailor-made for your specific needs and situations. The content is highly relevant and recognisable, and what you learn is directly applicable to your work situation.

Gexcon’s explosion phenomena experts can develop the in-house training programme you need allowing you to train many people cost-effectively.

Our explosion hazards experts offer training on a wide range of topics including:


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Software Training

Gexcon offers a range of courses to help you understand the fundamentals and functionalities of our toolbox of consequence and risk analysis tools.

  • FLACS-CFD (Flame Acceleration Software) is the industry standard for CFD (computational fluid dynamic) consequence modelling and a comprehensive tool for technical safety issues related to flammable and toxic releases.



  • Shepherd is Shell’s Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) tool, for risk
    analysis at onshore facilities and operations. It allows fast and reliable prediction of the risks related to incidents such as releases of flammable or toxic fluid, fires and explosions.


  • EFFECTS  A loss-of-containment scenario in the (petro)chemical industry can be devastating for both property and human life. EFFECTS is an easy-to-use, affordable software that helps safety professionals calculate and analyse the effects of these scenarios and develop the right prevention or containment protocols. In just a few easy clicks, you can determine the precise consequences of any scenario, and share your findings with all relevant stakeholders.


  • EFFECTS – RISKCURVES The storage and transport of hazardous materials impose risks to the surrounding population and structures, both in the urban environment and at (petro-) chemical facilities. RISKCURVES can quantify these risks and easily identify the highest risk scenarios. It can be used for evaluation of high-risk activities, urban planning, and to comply with regulatory and corporate criteria.



DSEAR / ATEX Training

Training plays a vital role as part of the  Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulation 2002 (DSEAR) and the European Directive ATEX 137,  which requires employers to provide suitable and sufficient training to protect workers from fire and explosion risks related to dangerous substances and potentially explosive atmospheres.

Gexcon can provide a pragmatic overview and understanding of the phenomenon of an explosion, including consequences, prevention techniques, and current regulatory requirements for a safe and compliant working environment.

As well as delivering in-house courses, Gexcon has developed and maintained a unique interactive online learning tool ‘DSEAR & ATEX Made Easy’ which has been designed to minimise disruption to the workplace by allowing learners to complete the course in their own time.



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