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Shell FRED Software
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Shell FRED (Fire, Release, Explosion, and Dispersion) is Shell's consequence modelling tool, available exclusively through Gexcon


Gexcon is an exclusive licensing partner of Shell


Jet Fire overlaid on Plot Plan

Shell FRED is a fire, release, explosion and dispersion consequence modelling tool developed by Shell and available exclusively through Gexcon.

Based on 40 years of operator development, it generates fast and reliable predictions with validation credentials unrivalled in the market.

As an owner-operator tool, it has been developed by engineers who understand at first-hand the need for accurate results and actionable outputs. It answers the questions that operators need to design, develop and maintain safe operations.

The software is underpinned by an advanced thermodynamic model which enables extended multi-component fuel representation to be used in nearly all models.

Previously only available for use on Shell projects, it is known and trusted throughout the world and can be universally applied to facilities across a wide range of industries.


Shell FRED 2020 is now live

Jet fireA new and intuitive modernised interface enables users to rapidly understand a broad range of consequence predictions, complemented by specialised models for specific requirements.

FRED 2020 has been developed and validated through Shell’s extensive programme of large-scale experiments, substantial investment, joint industry projects and published scientific literature.




New key features and benefits

Modernised user interface
A new, updated interface developed in collaboration with users provides realistic representations of hazards, which can be demonstrated on a plant layout.

Continuous development
Continuous development in new models including LNG and the energy transition to hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

Easy to use
Easily and quickly compares sensitivities and run variants, applying results to live operations in response to real world conditions or planned changes.


Uses and applications

  • Preparation and update of safety cases
  • Justification for new design and operation
  • Facility layout and equipment optimization
  • Pre-incident and emergency response planning studies
  • Domino effects/escalation management studies
  • Accident investigation
  • Quantitative risk analysis (QRA) – with results directly integrated into Shell’s QRA tool Shell Shepherd


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